Australian wildfire


【环球时报驻澳大利亚特约记者 丁晓武 环球时报记者 邵一佳】澳大利亚自去年9月以来在东海岸肆虐的大火终于完全得到控制。据法新社报道,澳消防部门13日表示,在澳受山火重创的新南威尔士州,所有着火点的火情都已得到控制,标志着已夺去33人生命的“黑色夏季”终于结束。





[Ding Xiaowu, a special correspondent of the global times in Australia, Shao Yijia] the raging fire on the east coast of Australia since September last year has finally been completely controlled. According to AFP, Australia's Fire Department said Wednesday that in Australia's New South Wales, which has been hit hard by wildfires, all the fires have been controlled, marking the end of the "black summer" that has claimed 33 lives.

"Not all fires have been put out, but they are under control," said New South Wales fire official Rogers. "Now we can focus on helping residents rebuild their homes.". "This is great news," an Australian Fire Department spokesman told AFP. Since the wildfires swept through Eastern and southern Australia in September last year, more than 10 million hectares of land and 2500 houses have been destroyed, killing at least 33 people and killing about 1 billion animals. The fire crisis has left Sydney and other major Australian cities shrouded in smog for weeks.

The heavy rain in recent days has played a key role in putting out the Australian fire. According to Reuters, the rainfall in Australia since last weekend is the largest continuous rainfall in Sydney and surrounding areas in 30 years. The rainfall in some rural areas has exceeded the rainfall in the past year. In terms of putting out the fire that lasted for several months, the rain is called "timely rain".

However, continuous rainfall has brought new problems, and a flood warning has been issued in Australia. The Australian weather service expects strong winds to increase and heavy rains to continue from Friday.

Leige, a senior meteorologist, told reporters that new South Wales and other places will still be hit by storms, "showers and thunderstorms fall on the water collection facilities that are already saturated, which may cause serious mountain flood disaster", which also means that the area just entering the recovery period of forest fire is likely to be attacked by natural disasters again.

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